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I have gone through countless pairs of relatively cheap headphones, and even some headphones that were a little more expensive. Of all these, I have always found problems with them, whether it is bad sound quality (which they all have), or poor build quality that leaves the headphones broken within a couple of weeks. Either that or the dreaded “one headphone stops working for no reason” problem that plagues cheaper headphones can happen.


With this in mind, I decided to begin shopping for some headphones that would last longer and actually have good sound. So this turned my direction towards more professional quality headphones, leading me to Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones . Upon receiving them, I was impressed by the build quality. The spots where the headphones adjust are made out of metal, unlike plastic which has broken multiple headphones before. The actual speakers are designed to swivel and wear on one ear also, and this is reinforced by metal also.




On to the actual padding, every spot that touches the head is extremely soft and comfortable. And while I’m mentioning that, the 11 foot cable the headphones came with has more than enough cable than you will ever need, and the cable itself feels very heavy duty. I used a rubber band to tie the cable down to size and have no problems with it. And finally, the connector itself is fully metal and has a spring on it as to protect the cable from being crimped and broken. Finally, a screw-on adapter for a full size ¼ plugs is provided.


After all this, I decided to plug in the speakers and get down to the real business: sound quality. This is the part where I was quite blown away. I found that the headphones can almost serve as noise cancelling headphones, though they might not be advertised as such. They have very excellent isolation. When the {tooltip}headphones{end-texte}Enjoy the nice sound{end-tooltip} are on your head, none of the sound comes out, so anybody around you is not bothered at all. I found that the lows and highs are very well balanced, and the mid-range is balanced perfectly as to leaving nothing unfulfilled. On the note of lows, anybody who enjoys some good bass-filled music will also get a kick out of these, as the bass specifically sounds not too boomy and muddy, but instead very pronounced. As if you’re listening to it the way the artist wanted you to. Many people always say you hear things you never did before, and I can now confirm that to be true.


So overall, these are great headphones that look pretty good (not too flashy, a good thing), and sound even better. Of course, you’ll have to lug around some cord with you if you want to make them portable, but it’s worth it. These are probably some of the best headphones you can find under $50, heck, even $100 and possibly more. Overall, I would recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones to anybody looking for some good sounding headphones of any kind at a cheap price. Whatever kind of music you listen to, or if you game, or even If you’re a producer, these are a very good choice.

For one of the lowest price that I found on the web and more reviews, follow this link Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones


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