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TRENDnet TEW WiFi Access Point Repeater & Best Solution For My Wireless Printer  Connection.


TRENDnet trw repeater


A while back I wrote an article about extending your WiFi range with another old wireless  router (thus creating a subnet).

Well you can imagine my surprise when a recent lightning storm shorted pins 1 and 2 in my cable.   ( A cable checker comes in handy).  I went out and bought theTRENDnet TEW-736RE Range Extender (sale price $20-$36).  This device had one ethernet 10/100Mbps port and two antenas 802.11N 300Mbps.

Setup was a piece of cake by pluging it into my ethernet port and addressing its' IP address.

Wireless for Free

Have you ever wondered why we went to digital TV so quickly.  It's because the FCC Auctioned off  the old Television frequency spectrum back in the Clinton era.  This was done to "Balance the Budget".  Well now here is something new.   The frequency spectrum or white space  between channels 1 and 51 has now been declared, by the FCC, available for use for free (unlicensed). ( We used to see it in the analog days as snow on the screen like the above picture.)  It's been in use since Jan 26 of this year in North Carolina where testing has been going on.  Once the Bugs have been worked out,  it going to catch on like wildfire. The lower frequency means longer range and the opportunity for a plethora of new technology products.  I could mean free Internet for the world, if done correctly.   With the bandwidth crunch and throttling of data plans, look for the cell phone companies to try and design new cellphones that use those frequencies so they can pass customers off to in order to lessen the strain on their 3G and 4G networks.



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