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Samsung Galaxy S5 screen On


 The Samsung Galaxy S5 features an impressive array of applications treasure by any user.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerhouse of a phone boasting some of the best tech available in phones today. Upon first glance, the untrained eye might not see much of a visual difference between Samsung’s newest offering and the S4, or anything else in the Galaxy line for that matter. The exterior of the phone also features a hinged charging cover, a slight hint to the water resistance of the phone, allowing it to be completely submerged for prolonged periods of time. It might not have a fancy all metal shell like other high-end phones (which, I find the Galaxy’s dotted rear shell easier to hold), but it’s on the inside that it’s absolutely packed with tech.

 Samsung Galaxy S5 back


With a 5.1” screen and a 1080p display, everything looks vibrant on this phone. The rear camera is a 16mp unit, with selectable focus and what I think might be one of the brightest LEDs on a phone for the flash. It also happens to be able to record videos in 4k resolution, which considering the vast majority of people don’t even have a display capable of 4k makes it a tad useless, but still a pretty cool feature that will likely appear on many more phones in the future. As far as the front facing camera goes, it still is a 2mp unit that records 1080p video, which is very respectable in itself...


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