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Well, it won't be long before we see the release of Windows 10

It seems that every other Microsoft revision has not been welcomed by the public for one reason or another. I have been running windows 8 since it was released. In fact I converted all 6 of our machines to Windows 8. Not one of them has given me so much as a hiccup. So why the fuss? It seems people don't like change or something like. I'll leave it at that.

Windows 10 has a lot to offer. I have been running the preview since Sept. 2014. There have been a lot of fixes and I must say. "This is going to be a good release." You can't argue about the price, Free. Although I'm sure some will find fault. My comment about that is "there is always Linux." I would much rather see the complainers just go away. They won't be happy regardless of what you give them.

Windows 10 will come down just like an update or service pack. It will be that easy.

Windows 8 drew a line in the sand as to backwards compatibility. It was a chance for hardware developers to abandon old legacy devices. It was frustrating for me not to find drivers for my hardware. I updated everything. I'm glad I did. There are millions of people out there still running XP. There time is up.


Since the beginning of the internet all browsers have been based on Mozilla's browser. The internet has changed. From a text based system to graphics and multimedia. Microsoft will introduce a new browser called “Edge” based on present and future of the web. There is still Internet Explorer for those Die-hards. But the new Browser is fast and runs great. It also has Cortana integrated into it. Cortana is the Microsoft version of Siri. Cortana comes from the Halo gaming franchise. I have used it a lot. I cannot wait until I have a personal assistant that I can converse with. But I'll have to wait for that.

For those wanting to upgrade. I suggest a Multi-Core CPU with 4-8 Gig of RAM. I am even thinking of an Solid State Drive SSD for my machine (for Speed).

The upgrade is free to all windows 7 and 8 users. For those with a not so legal version. It will still tell  you are not legal. That's between you and Microsoft.

I see the end of an era though. I don't think Microsoft will be releasing too many new revisions with numbers. They will only be updates. I also see the coming of annual license fees for the privilege of receiving updates. I don't think the fees will be more than about $35 per year. I have said this going back in the 80's when I noticed license expiration dates on Novell license managers. Even though they weren't being used. The writing was on the wall, so to speak.

With the support of DirectX 12 you can expect to see Xbox integration and yes even play games on the PC.

And last but not least, Hologram support built in.  And to make sure you can use it on day one of the release they will also release HoloLens. A Microsoft headset so you can see the real world with holograms superimposed.

Well, I can't wait. How about You?. The Windows release date is July 29. Will you be ready?




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