Windows 10 OS

Windows 10 is finally available. Updates are free and automatic if your device fulfill Microsoft license requirements, just wait for your turn to be updated or read on to update now.


For those of us patiently awaiting its arrival,  the wait is no longer, or is it.  I reserved my copy and was still waiting until Microsoft released a shortcut. will take you to the page where you can select a 32 or 64 bit download and it will start immediately. I am now updated on all of my machines.   
I must admit that I have been happy with all the other revisions of windows 8. While people around me said that I can say goodbye to all my apps and data if I upgraded, that failed to happen. So far, I have experienced positive results and no loss of data with Windows updates. Just in case, and as a good habit, always keep a current backup handy before attempting any update. 


The free update of Windows 10 is for

all Windows 7 and Window 8 users.  There is no update for XP or Vista.


This free update of Windows 10 may present a problem for the refurbished computers that came with an installed  Pre-activated Windows 7 (without a partition for the ISO or CD's). These refurbished computers were sold by some stores and/or authorized resellers.They have legitimate licenses key and validation. However, when Windows 10 gets installed, the update may fail.  Since those machines have a refurbished license (yes, there is such a beast). All that Microsoft said was to go back to the Refurbisher for the ISOs. What I did find was that any OEM version from Dell, Hp, or other authorized distributor of a license would work.  I am still researching this topic and will update here soon. Of course, you also can consider to buy the new Windows 10 version and avoid delays.

All of my PCs and laptops updates for Windows 10 are working great. Everything runs.  I mean EVERYTHING.  no problems. Just a tip, once updated, review the Settings for Privacy and Security and adjust them according to your needs. In my case,the one feature that I keep Turn On is Cortana.

Follow-up : The day of release. Microsoft came out with an update totaling 1 gig.  500Meg for the 64 bit and 500 meg for 32 bit.  A Microsoft press release states that these were updates that could not make it into the frozen RTM (Release To Market)  version.
My only question: When are they going to start charging me the annual fee...? Or maybe they will find a way to keep the future updates free in exchange for other marketing ideas. Will see..., in the meantime let's enjoy the new features of Windows 10.



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