Google Chrome Tips

Google Chrome Tips

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The following are tips compiled for your enjoyment.   The commands are nice to know and the Add-ons, you'll find,  you cannot live without them.


Open Multiple pages at startup

Add a Home Button to the Toolbar

Carry out calculations in the OmniBox

Nice to know commands

Add-ons, Add-ons and more Add-ons




Open Multiple pages at startup

You can get Chrome to open several pages as it starts up, giving you instant access to whatever sites and services you prefer to start your day with.

It’s easy to setup. Just click on the wrench icon on the top right of your browser window, select “Options” and under the “Basic” tab check the box where it says “on startup… open the following pages.”

If you click “Add” it brings up a list of recently browsed sites to choose from, or you can manually enter a URL in the box at the top.



Add a Home Button to the Toolbar

Chrome use a sleek design,  but there are some users who just need a button to click and go “home".

Adding a home button to Chrome is simple — just click on the wrench icon at the top-right, select “Options,” and under the basic tab you’ll see a check box for “show Home button on the toolbar.”



Carry out calculations in the OmniBox

In addition to being a URL bar and a search field, Chrome’s “omnibox” is also a basic calculator. Instead of loading up your computer’s calculator, Google or Wolfram Alpha, you can just type your mathematical query into the omnibox and the result will show up where you’d normally see auto-suggestions.

Beyond simple sums, this also works for unit conversions like feet-to-meters, pints-to-liters, etc,.



Nice to know commands

  • Control + Shift + N opens an 'incognito' window - sites you view in this window won't appear in your history and cookies served by sites in this window will be deleted when the window is closed.
  • Alt + Home loads your Google Chrome home page, with thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window.
  • Control + T opens a new tab. You can drag tabs around to change their order or drag a tab out of the window into its own window.
  • Control + Shift + T opens your most recently closed tab. Press the key combination again to open the tab closed before that one. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you've closed.
  • Control + Tab lets you cycle through your open tabs in order.
  • Control + Shift + Tab cycles through your tabs in the opposite order.
  • Shift + Escape is a quicker way to bring up the Google Chrome Task manager.
  • To see what plug-ins are installed, type about:plugins into the address window.
  • To delete cookies, go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood. Scroll down to the Security section, and click Show cookies. Now you can click Remove all or remove individual cookies.
  • To clear more data such as the Google Chrome browsing history and cache, click the Tools icon and select Clear browsing data...



Add-ons, Add-ons and more Add-ons


You must have be running chrome to go to these download links

Click here to download Google Chrome Browser

Google Voice

Ever wondered about making calls via Google,  all you need to do is enable it on your Google Voice Account and this extension.

Facebook chrome

If you’re one of the many people who can’t stop checking Facebook and Twitter, you’re not alone. Wouldn’t it be easier to have all of your updates in one click?

IE tab for chrome

The IE tab renders Internet explorer page inside chrome to help you out of trouble. You can also set which pages to load automatically in IE tab so that you need not worry about it the next time you open that same website.



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