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Five Helpful Automobile Apps for Android that you should try.


 Waze App image






waze is one of the first social navigation apps to be developed. It offers turn by turn navigation like many of the other navigation apps out there, but with many more features. Being a “social” app, other drivers using the app report traffic and road info real time into the map, letting you know if traffic is bad or if there’s been an accident somewhere.

Among other things, you can also meet up with your friends using the app, and share your destination with the group you are driving with. You can see your friends and other drivers on the map (and you can make yourself invisible if you wish). You can also see what all the gas prices in your area are to find the cheapest ones.

Some of the operating systems that Waze currently support are Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and a beta version for Blackeberry.




Trapster is another social navigation app that, unlike waze, focuses on road hazards, speed traps, and red light cameras. With millions of users, it is basically the smartphone equivalent of radar detectors and flashing your headlights to warn others.


Trapster can be use in many mobile phones for Android OS. Also supports the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia (N95, N96, N97, 5800, E71 and others), Palm WebOS phones, Windows Mobile touch screen and some J2ME  phones like the Spring Samsung Instinct. Alternatively, you can still get alerts with maps on any phone that supports text messaging, and report traps that you see using their 1-800 tip line.



Navier HUD Navigation


Navier HUD is a very neat app that gives you a heads up display projected onto your windshield, customizable with whatever information you wish. It can give you speed info, a compass, acceleration info, and even directions projected. You can customize the layout completely from scratch, and even change the colors to match your dashboard. Even if you don’t want to project it onto your windshield, you can view it normally and have a very stylish looking display with information.

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